Reopening Camarillo (Post Date: 5/13/20)

Camarillo, California – As the County of Ventura expands Phase 2 of the State of California’s Reopen Plan, allowing more businesses to reopen their doors, the City of Camarillo is committed to helping Camarillo businesses safely reopen their doors.

Using State guidance, Ventura County has established specific actions businesses must take before they reopen. Visit and “self-attest” to begin the reopening process. Businesses will need to complete a detailed risk assessment, create and post a prevention plan, implement the prevention plan, register the business, and open. Businesses who were already open in previous phases will also need to "self-attest” on the by May 18th, 2020. Upon completing the attestation form, a City of Camarillo official may conduct a site visit.

Our approach in Camarillo is an educational one, and our goal is to help our businesses reopen safely and navigate through the County’s reopening process as quickly as possible. To that end, we have created a new webpage to guide Camarillo businesses through this phased reopening:

City staff plans to conduct site visits as businesses reopen to ensure they have the proper signage and prevention measures in place, and to provide information and resources that are coming from the County and State. As part of the reopening effort, the City of Camarillo recognizes that businesses may need signage to comply with the prevention plan. Social Distancing Signage and Face Mask Flyers have been added to the Reopening Camarillo webpage, for businesses to easily download, print and post. This webpage will be continuously updated as new information is released.

Open for Business? Register your business on Camarillo's Open for Business List so that residents can support your local business.

Hiring? If you are hiring, register your business on Camarillo's Hiring! Let us know details about the job and we will promote your opportunity.

The City of Camarillo is committed to helping businesses open safely. If you have questions related to re-opening your business, please visit, or call (805) 388-5351.