Message from SCE about the future of the Estaban Circuit (Updated: 11/6/19)


Southern California Edison (SCE) is reviewing all circuits and regions that are heavily impacted by Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS), more specifically looking at the ability to restore the load quickly when it is safe to do so. Regarding the Estaban circuit, there are several underground locations within the Camarillo community that may be temporarily moved to another circuit to minimize outage times. However, this will require manual operation of equipment, and therefore customers will experience some outages during these PSPS events. SCE may have the ability to move the load prior to a declared PSPS event, but this is dependent of many factors, and field crew availability. Unfortunately, this will not allow power to be on for the entire Las Posas Estates, Sterling Hills and Spanish Hills neighborhoods, but will allow for a significant portion of these areas to retain power.

The Estaban circuit originates near the intersection of Bradley Road and Highway 118/Los Angeles Avenue in Somis. It runs west along Highway 118/Los Angeles Avenue, and extends south on Center School Road, to bring power to portions of the Las Posas Estates, Sterling Hills and Spanish Hills neighborhoods. The Estaban circuit provides service to customers on both the north and south side of Highway 118. The high fire risk areas, which are mostly on the north side of Highway 118, have led to the recent PSPS events on the Estaban circuit during October 2019.

SCE is also working to refine the circuit maps, since a few of them overlap in areas within Camarillo neighborhoods. Once the City receives updated maps, we will update the City’s website and share them with the community.

SCE understands that they are having a huge impact on our community, and will continue to work directly with City staff to provide us with information that we can share with our community.

ORIGINAL MESSAGE posted on OCTOBER 30, 2019:
Southern California Edison (SCE) has informed the City that they are working on a plan to carve out most of the underground portion of the Estaban circuit, and move the load to a new circuit that is less likely to be subject to a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS). We are in direct communication with SCE about their efforts, and will report back to the community as soon as we receive more information on timing and precise areas that this will affect.
The Estaban circuit is currently down for a PSPS, and may be down for an extended period of time. We have no estimate for when power will be restored to this area, but will share that information as soon as we receive an update from SCE. SCE understands the urgency and sensitivity of this issue and we all appreciate your patience as we work with SCE to resolve this issue for our community.