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The Traffic division provides many services. The division maintains streets, signs and signals. There are approximately 300 miles of streets and roadways in the city, not including freeways and other highways maintained by CalTrans. Crews remove litter and objects from roadways and repair worn areas and holes in the pavement on a daily basis, so that bicycling and driving will be safe and pleasant. Streets are swept weekly in commercial areas and biweekly in residential areas using contracted labor and specialized equipment. Traffic signs and lighted signals are kept in working order to guide and facilitate traffic flow, and allow safe crossing by pedestrians. Street lighting is provided to facilitate night-time travel and to promote personal safety. Light fixtures are owned and maintained under contract with the Southern California Edison Co. Their operation and maintenance are paid for from a portion of property taxes on all properties. Call Edison's automated number (800) 655-4555 to report burned-out lights or other problems with street lighting fixtures.

Traffic Sign Standards

City Road Standards