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The Stormwater division is responsible for several activities to insure compliance with the city’s Municipal Stormwater Permit and that our local waterways are protected from stormwater or urban runoff pollution. The city via the Stormwater Division enforces State and Federal laws which prohibit discharge of foreign substances into storm drain inlets. You've probably noticed the "Do Not Dump, Drains to Creek" signs which have been applied to the inlets. That's to prevent introduction of potentially hazardous materials into streams and estuaries, where they could cause harm to aquatic life or pollute coastal areas. If you become aware of any material being discharged to storm drains, please call the city's Street Division at (805) 388-5338. For more information on stormwater pollution, please visit Stormwater Pollution on the City’s web site. 

The Stormwater Division responds to illicit discharges to city storm drain facilities and inspects construction sites and industrial, automotive, and food service facilities to insure implementation of stormwater pollution prevention controls. Stormwater staff also review private land development plans for stormwater mitigation controls and conduct inspections of post construction stormwater treatment controls.  To download the Post Construction Stormwater Management Plan (PCSMP) template and related stormwater quality mitigation requirements visit Public Works Forms.  Public outreach to the city’s residents and school age children on the importance of protecting our waterways from pollution is another important duty of this division. 

Maintaining the city’s storm drains and flood control conduits is another important function of the Stormwater Division. Storm drains can take several forms: underground conduits, drainage channels, and natural streambeds. The city maintains the inlets (catch basins) which are located at curbs. Many of the city’s storm drains empty into conduits, drainage ways and streambeds that belong to the Ventura County Watershed Protection District (VCWPD), such as Calleguas and Conejo Creeks, Revolon Slough, Beardsley Wash, the Camarillo Hills and the Somis Drains. VCWPD maintains these facilities and can be reached at (805) 378-3033 .