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To celebrate National Public Works Week (May 16-21, 2021) we invited you to watch this video!

 Camarillo City Hall is open to walk-in traffic, during regular business hours Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Although in-person business is now available, the City strongly encourages the community to take advantage of the City’s online, phone, and email options, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. For information about how to access services, please see the City’s Frequently Asked Questions at

Regular Camarillo Area Transit (CAT) services have resumed.  PLEASE NOTE: Face coverings are required for all CAT passengers.

 Dave KlotzleDave Klotzle, Director of Public Works, heads the following 9 divisions.

Administration Division handles customer service, prepares department council items, budget development and monitoring, department purchases, and administers backflow control, processes block party permits  and overall general support. Email.

Capital Projects division is responsible for the design and construction of public infrastructure projects, and preparing plans and specifications for contractors to bid. Email.

Land Development division reviews private development, maintains drawings and project records, provides plan checking services, fees, permits, and inspections throughout the development process. This division oversees the issuing of encroachment permits, transportation permits and developer fee calculations. Email.

Sanitary District oversees the operation and maintenance of the City sewer system, issues FOG permits, and sewer connection permits. Email.

Streets/Landscape division is responsible for maintaining the City’s streets, sidewalks, tree trimming, landscape medians, parkways, slope areas, graffiti removal and street sweeping within the city right of way. EmailMulch from shredded tree trimmings is available year-round at no cost to Camarillo residents courtesy of the City of Camarillo Public Works Department Click Here for Details.

Stormwater division is responsible for maintaining the City’s compliance with local, State, and Federal laws pertaining to stormwater runoff and pollution. Stormwater also helps maintain the City’s storm drains to ensure proper drainage. Email.

Traffic division oversees the maintenance of City traffic signals, works with Edison to maintain street lights, and oversees traffic control on City streets. Email.

Transit oversees the City’s Public Transportation, this includes bus schedules, and contracts as well as working with other County Transportation services. Email.

Water division is responsible for proving a dependable water supply to meet the current and future needs of its customers, maintenance of infrastructure, water quality, backflow prevention, and water conservation. Email.