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Meeting Agendas & Public Hearing Notices

The following links provide current and historical agendas for each legislative body: 
City Council (includes meeting videos)
City Council in the capacity of Successor Agency
Camarillo Sanitary District
Camarillo Community Development Commission
Camarillo Library Board
Industrial Development Authority
Camarillo Capital Improvement Corporation
Public Finance Authority
Planning Commission (includes meeting videos)

The following links provide current agendas only:
COUNCIL SUBCOMMITTEES                                                     OTHER COMMITTEES . . .
Camarillo Ranch Committee
Citizen Appointment Committee
Economic Development Committee 
Finance Committee
Investment Committee
Liaison Committee
Policy Committee
Streets and Transportation Committee
Utilities Committee
Camarillo Ranch Foundation Board
Rent Review Mediation Commission
CDBG Citizen Loan Committee
Camarillo Council on Aging

12-11-2019 City Council - User Fees Schedule for Certain City Services
12-11-2019 City Council - Draft 2019-20 Action Plan Amendment
12-11-2019 City Council - Bond Hearing CUP-357, Fore Property Company
12-03-2019 Planning Commission - SUP-22M(2) St. John’s Seminary Workshop/Water Tank
12-03-2019 Planning Commission - CUP-99M(1) Pleasant Valley Historical Society
12-03-2019 Planning Commission - CUP-398 Camarillo Moose and Family Center

Individuals with Disabilities
If you wish to attend a public meeting and, due to a disability, require assistance to understand or participate in the meeting, please contact the City Clerk's office at (805) 388-5353 at least 48 hours prior to the meeting to enable the City to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to the meeting.

Public Disclosure
Please be advised that any communication submitted to the City of Camarillo, Councilmembers, staff or City consultants is a public record under the Brown Act and California Public Records Act.  This means that any information contained in the communication, including personal information, may be subject to public disclosure.