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Camarillo Community Development Commission

The Camarillo Community Development Commission meets annually on the fourth Wednesday in January and as needed.  Meetings begin at 5:00 p.m.  The agenda packet will be posted the Friday before the meeting date.

Agenda Packets
CDC Agenda Packet 01-23-2019
CDC Reorg Agenda 12-05-2018

CDC Agenda Packet 01-24-2018
CDC Reorg Agenda 12-06-2017
CDC Agenda Packet 01-25-2017
CDC Reorg Agenda 12-07-2016
CDC Reorg Agenda 12-02-2015

Approved Minutes

CDC Minutes 12-05-2018
CDC Minutes 01-24-2018
CDC Minutes 12-06-2017
CDC Minutes 01-25-2017

CDC Minutes 12-07-2016
CDC Minutes 12-02-2015