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Camarillo Capital Improvement Corporation

The Camarillo Capital Improvement Corporation was established in 1987 for the purpose of issuing Certificates of Participation for the Upland Road Bridge.  There currently are no outstanding bonds.

The CCIC meets annually on the fourth Wednesday of January and as needed. The agenda packet will be posted the Friday before the meeting date.

Agenda Packets

CCIC Packet 01-23-2019
CCIC Packet 01-24-2018
CCIC Packet 01-25-2017
CCIC Packet 01-27-2016

Approved Minutes

CCIC Minutes 01-24-2018
CCIC Minutes 01-25-2017

CCIC Minutes 01-27-2016
CCIC Minutes 01-28-2015
CCIC Minutes 01-22-2014
CCIC Minutes 01-23-2013