Business Tax/Licensing
Phone (805) 388-5330

Please Note: A business tax certificate (license) is required before conducting any business, trade, profession, enterprise, establishment or occupation – even if your business is located out-side of the city limits, or you have a business license from another city.

State Requirements

If your business is selling or serving alcoholic beverages, you will need to contact Alcohol Beverage Control for additional permit information prior to conducting such business.

If you intend to sell tangible goods by wholesale or retail, a Sellers Permit is required. To apply and obtain information on sales tax, contact State Board of Equalization.

If you have employees, contact Employment Development Department for their requirements regarding state withholding taxes, disability, and unemployment insurance. 

Alcohol Beverage Control
  (805) 564-7717
1000 S. Hill Rd. #310, Ventura, CA 93003
(805) 289-0100
State Board of Equalization
  (805) 677-2700
4820 McGrath St #260 Ventura, CA 93003
State Contractors Board
  (562) 466-6000
12501 E. Imperial Hwy #600 Los Angeles, CA 90650
Employment Development Dept
  (805) 654-4506
4820 McGrath St #250 Ventura, CA 93003
Franchise Tax Board
  (800) 852-5711
300 S Spring St #5704 Los Angeles, CA 90013
Labor Commissioner
  (805) 568-1222
411 E Canon Perdido #3 Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Public Utilities Commission
  (213) 576-7000 (Enforcement) 
320 W. 5th St, #500 Los Angeles, CA 90013
(415) 703-2063 (Licensing)
505 Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA 94102
Secretary of State
  (213) 897-3062
300 S. Spring St., 12th Floor, #12513 Los Angeles, CA 90013
State Compensation Insurance Fund
  (805) 988-5200
2901 N. Ventura Rd Oxnard, CA 93030

State CASp Fee (SB 1186)
The State of California signed into law SB-1186 in September 2012. This bill adds a state fee of $1.00 on any new or renewed business tax after December 31, 2012. The purpose is to increase disability access and compliance with construction-related accessibility requirements and to develop educational resources for businesses to facilitate compliance with federal and state disability laws. 

For more information, please visit State Department of General Services.