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City of Camarillo Business Listing

This list is based on information provided by the public and is only updated periodically. The list is provided for general informational purposes only and the City does not represent that the information is entirely accurate or current. 
For the right to access and utilize the City’s In-town Business List, I understand and agree to comply with City of Camarillo’s soliciting ordinances and regulations.


Soliciting or Marketing your Business or Services

• Permits are required for commercial solicitations.

No person or marketing company may directly or indirectly engage in commercial solicitations unless a valid solicitor’s permit has been issued to that person. 

Each solicitor is required to carry their permit on their person and must show the permit to any person upon request. 

Solicitations cannot be conducted at any house, apartment, or other dwelling unit, nor at any business where a sign is posted indicating “no solicitors” or similar indication that no solicitation contact is desired by the occupants. 

It is advisable to obtain written permission from commercial property owners before placing advertising material on parked vehicles in office or shopping center lots. Commercial property owners may formally file charges for littering and not obtaining prior approval.