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Approved Projects

The Monthly Report lists the current and pending projects within the City.

Approved Projects

Cavalia Odysseo Public Notice
Cavalia Odysseo Temporary Use Permit Approval
Cavalia Odysseo Special Event Permit Approval

Long-Range Property Management Plan

Springville New Homes & Affordable Units

Camarillo Village Home Prelim Final EIR for CVH July 2016 

Mission Oaks Townhomes GPA 2013-3 Final MND Jan 2015
Mission Oaks Townhomes GPA 2013-3 Final MND Appendices Jan 2015

Springvile Commercial Prelim Final SEIR June 2016 

Springville Specific Plan – adopted January 2008 

Dawson Drive Concepts and Design Guidelines, Final May 12, 2010 

Ventura Boulevard Design Guidelines, August 1997

Village at the Park Specific Plan Adopted 10/10/2001
Village at the Park Speicfic Plan Addendum Adopted 8/28/2013

Camarillo Commons Strategic Plan  
(Complete document of 218 pages, 26.4 MB) 

Table of Contents  
Chapter 1 — Introduction 
Chapter 2 — Project Vision and Design Principles
Chapter 3 — Land Use Regulations and Standards
Chapter 4 — Circulation Plan
Chapter 5 — Urban Design and Streetscape Plan  
Chapter 6 — Architectural Design Guidelines 
Chapter 7 — Infrastructure and Utilities 
Chapter 8 — Implementation
Appendix A — Market Analysis