Administrative Services
Human Resources
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Job Descriptions by Department

City Manager/City Clerk
Assistant City Manager 
Assistant to the City Manager
City Clerk
Deputy City Clerk

Administrative/Program Support
Senior Management Analyst
Management Analyst
Management Assistant
Executive Assistant
Senior Administrative Specialist 
Administrative Specialist I_II
Staff Assistant I_II

Administrative Services
Director, Administrative Services
Assistant Director, Administrative Services

Information Systems Analyst
Information Systems Administrator
Geographic Information Systems Specialist
Human Resources Analyst
Fleet and Facilities Manager
Facilities Maintenance Assistant
Senior Equipment Mechanic
Equipment Mechanic

Director, Finance
Assistant Director, Finance
Finance-Accounting Manager
Accounting Supervisor
Senior Accountant
Budget Analyst
Finance Assistant
Accounting Specialist I_II
Customer Service Supervisor
Senior Customer Service Specialist
Customer Service Specialist I
Customer Service Specialist II

Community Development
Director, Community Development

Assistant Director, Community Development
Principal Planner
Senior Planner
Assistant_Associate Planner
Planning Technician
Code Compliance Manager
Code Compliance Officer

Public Works - Engineering
Director, Public Works

Assistant Director Public Works_
City Engineer

Deputy Director Public Works_
Deputy Director Public Works_
Principal Civil Engineer
Senior Civil Engineer

Traffic Engineer

Supervising Traffic Signal Technician

Traffic Signal Technician
Assistant I-II_Associate_Associate Civil Engineer
Engineering Technician I_II_III
Stormwater Program Manager
Stormwater Assistant
Stormwater Inspector
Supervising Public Works Inspector
Public Works Inspector

Public Works - Streets
Public Works Maintenance Superintendent
Assistant Superintendent, Public Works Maintenance
Public Works Maintenance Supervisor
Landscape Inspector
Lead Public Works Maintenance Worker
Public Works Maintenance Worker I_II_III

Public Works - Water Reclamation
Water Reclamation Superintendent
Assistant Superintendent, Water Reclamation

Source Control Inspector
Lead Water Reclamation Plant Operator
Water Reclamation Plant Operator I_II_III
Electrician_Instrumentation Technician

Water Reclamation Plant Maintenance Leadworker
Water Reclamation Plant Mechanic I_II
Lead Collection Systems Mechanic
Collection Systems Mechanic I_II

Public Works - Water
Water Superintendent
Assistant Superintendent, Water
Water Inspector
Lead Water Services Technician
Water Services Technician I_II

Lead Water Distribution Operator
Water Distribution Operator I_II_III
Lead Water Production Operator
Water Production Operator I_II_III